CST Consulting

Through a wide range of technological and functional services and solutions, CST Consulting - an IT Consulting company - transforms company's business, improving information management and process optimization. By implementing a business model based on internal and external quality development and on solid service management principles, our company stood out among its competitors and achieved tangible results. CST is a SAP Service Partner and IBM Premier Business Partner.

Combining the experience of over 110 uniquely skilled professionals with knowledge of the various market sectors, CST presents itself as a first-class provider of business management consulting projects: these projects aim to promoting change and creating value.

Awareness and attention to innovation make CST a partner fitted for improvement. We believe in the principle by which the digital transformation defines the basis on which the truly innovative path can be built.

Thanks to our dedicated design, implementation, optimization and servicing activities, our offer helps companies take full advantage of SAP or EIM solutions. Our professionals have been working as a team for many years and they have reached a high level of knowledge on a wide range of processes, combining experience and continuous training, thus providing customers with the essential reliability in order to innovate.

The high market demands for Document Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Electronic Storage & Electronic Invoicing led to the creation, in 2007, of CST Servizi: not simply an outsourcer, but a partner that helps clients generate added value, thanks to CST Consulting's unique insights into processes. In 2016, CST has been officially appointed "ANORC (National Association for Digital Preservation Officers and Operators) territorial delegate for the provinces of Monza Brianza and Bergamo". This great result has been achieved thanks to the dedication, proficiency and professionalism we demonstrated on Digitalization and Electronic Storage.

We invest in people's professional development and improvement: this is why, in 2009, we created CST Factory, in order to improve knowledge transfer.

Lastly, the international expansion and the growing demand for management from other nations led, in 2013, to the establishment of CST Suisse, a company - based in Lugano - which shares CST Consulting's values, internal culture, strategical approach and business philosophy.

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