CST for sustainability

CST Consulting aims at ensuring the right balance of competitiveness, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which are essential to achieve a real corporate culture.

An ethical and sustainable conduct can be the essential base on which to build an economic model focused on respect for environmental resources that are destined to be depleted and to spread a culture of respect and awareness of green economy. These aspects are implemented through the building of a culture based on respect for individuals and weak minorities, who often need special support and attention.

CST Consulting embraces these sustainability principles, proving that we care about these issues with tangible and targeted actions aimed at helping to improve the Well-Being of our country.

CST Consulting took a first step when we decided to sign and adhere to the Charter of sustainability principles drafted by Confindustria and committed to fully comply with these ethical and sustainable rules. The Charter works as a compass for a sustainable development.

In addition, Assolombarda provided an operational guide that gives practical suggestions of conduct and tools to check company’s actual status and the path that a company like CST can analyze and pursue with effort.

Among the other Core Business activities, CST realized a product, which can be used as in-house or outsourced product, aimed at implementing Electronic Storage, according to the law: a procedure that enables companies give full legal value to digital documents, without having to print invoices or administrative documents. Such a product, which can be realized in accordance with the Italian provisions concerning administrative/fiscal documents, enables companies implement paper saving policies.