CST Servizi

CST Servizi, a wholly owned subsidiary of CST Consulting, has been established in 2007, in order to meet the high demands for Document Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Electronic Storage & Electronic Invoicing.

CST Servizi is not a traditional service outsourcer, but a partner that helps clients generate added value, thanks to CST Consulting's unique insights into processes. It is a highly trustworthy representative of the holding company in the field of processes outsourcing, regarding both core business and management/administration fields.

CST Servizi offers a valid combination of process optimization and technological innovation and efficiency, thus guaranteeing high standards of service.

Outsourcing helps the company optimize processes, thus focusing on those activities that generate added value, and reducing operating costs and risks. The company that chooses outsourcing can actually act more easily on the costs structure, e.g. reducing fixed costs and increasing variable costs.

In summary, CST Servizi offers a wide range of services:
•    Document & BPM Outsourcing
•    Business Process Outsourcing
•    Digital Storage  in conformity with the law
•    Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Mailing

For further information, please visit the dedicated website www.cstservizi.net