CST MyTravelTool Box (MTT Box), an integral part of MyTravelTool suite, is the tool for a complete and effective expense accounts management.

Thanks to MTT Box you can:

manage cash advance

manage expense accounts

manage expense accounts reimbursements and payment

It is compatible with most ERP and HR systems, thus enabling the importation of users and corporate organization data and exportation of expense data to management system, HR and Payroll.

It manages daily or single expenses, according to company policy: these limits of liability are lines that cannot be overcome in the user report of expenses and can generate automatic alerts for the managers of the approval process. 

It helps the electronic storage and dematerialization of statements of expenditure, thus providing solid benefits concerning the storage, the quality of the documents and the easiness in research and finding of all the documents.

A multi-device Mobile App is also available for the entry of statements of expenditure via mobile.

MTTBox helps you have efficient automated digital approval processes, monitor any type of expenses - even based on a single center of cost -, automate cash advances requests and reduce bills of costs management time.

According to client's requirements, MTTBox is available in cloud or also on premises, directly installed on the client server.