Business Process Outsourcing

Thanks to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) a business function can be managed and optimized by an outsourcer. 

Functional and procedural control is fully decentralised to the external service provider, while the company will keep strategic control of the process. 

The service includes detailed study of existing business processes, in order to propose complete and customized solutions that meet the strategic requirements of the customers. 

BPO guarantees safety and reliability, by means of tools that make the activity and the service transparent, and ensure sensitive data confidentiality. 

A few BPO examples:

Accounts payable management (digitalization of hard-copy documents, email/e-documents reception, invoice data and transport document recognition, indexation, document outsourcing, possible ERP integration with client’s in house information resources, electronic storage)

Expenses reports management (digitalization and control of hard-copy documents, control and check of documents consistency with company’s policy)

Contracts and procedures management (possible digitalization, documents accuracy control, control of the presence of all the attachments, validation and indexation)

Depository management (storage)