Big Data

A great opportunity to change your business: the value of data analysis

Big Data are the big mass of data managed by companies today. They can be a problem if not used or if rarely or wrongly used, but they can be a great opportunity if used properly.

CST Consulting can support the information governance process by guaranteeing that companies will be able to meet business requirements in a quick and accurate way, and handle huge amounts of data extracting any necessary information.

The latest technologies, such as IBM Watson, together with the consultancy provided by a highly qualified team from CST, help companies examine results obtained in the recent past, in order to pinpoint possible mistakes and improve future performance. Business Intelligence enables you to be the «player» within your business-related choices, analysing – through descriptive statistics - available data in unlimitedly different ways and identify trends in order to seize opportunities and perceive any risks that might be on the market.

IBM Watson simplifies structured and unstructured data processing: this helps gain new knowledge from an otherwise sterile data. The possibility of asking questions to the tool in a natural language makes researches accessible to everyone.

Moreover, CST Consulting collaborates with the main vendors on important projects on Big Data, especially SAP HANA, offering extensive experience gained over the years. CST Consulting has been approved as certified Partner in SAP HANA. We believed in investing on this technology in order to gain all its opportunities.

The use of an innovative appliance assured the individuation of an internal team of experts, which implemented porting of CST models - designed for various business sectors (manufacturing, CPG, etc.) - to SAP S4 HANA.  The available demo and prototypes enable our constant understanding of S4 HANA potentialities and help us be a reliable, competent and innovative partner for all our clients. This reinforces CST’s role as a technological advisor – which we conquered on the market - and the company now opens up to “people integration” and “information integration” worlds, thanks to the implementation of SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori.

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