Business Process Management

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) includes a set of organizational and functional consulting services to thoroughly review operational procedures that are no longer appropriate for business requirements.

Thanks to the competences we gained by managing many different national and international company processes, CST Consulting is among the first Italian experts on Business Process Management & Reengineering.

Starting  from the company’s products/services, CST’s BPR consultants identify the current scenario, compare it with market standards (benchmark, competitors, etc.) and redesign the future scenario in order to optimize quality and reduce times and costs.

Technologies are a tool, an opportunity, a "qualifying factor" which enables the achievement of strategic goals. Business Process Management (BPM) combines Software abilities and Expertise in order to improve performance, visibility and Business processes Agility.

By combining the use of market leading software such as IBM BPM and FileNet BPM with our wide experience in different sectors (Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial Services & Insurance, Utilities, Pharma & Telco), we can drive and support our customers through the creation of cross and business-oriented solutions, in order to improve their working method. To this purpose, we also integrate BPM functionalities with internal and external Collaboration and Social requirements and integrate process management solutions with Mobile functionalities.

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