SAP Accounting, Finance & Controlling

Thanks to strong expertise in the administrative and financial fields, CST Consulting is able to support your company in its administrative, financial and management processes (making it more effective and efficient) in order to meet your requirements and realize the company strategies, working with a high level of quality to guarantee your satisfaction.

CST Consulting provides you with an SAP excellence center in the Accounting, Finance & Controlling areas, built by highly professional and competent consultants (with more than 10 years of experience). These consultants can guide you through every scenario within the specifics of the three key areas of SAP.

In addition, we have developed personalized solutions to meet your requirements in the most precise and prompt way. This is the philosophy that marks out our Business Unit Accounting, Finance & Controlling.

Would you like to learn more about our main specializations?

•    multi-level accounting (IAS, IFRS, principles of national accounting)
•    assets management

•    centralized treasury
•    liquidity forecast
•    financial report
•    financial products 

•    profit forecast
•    product cost management
•    cost analysis
•    job order accounting management
•    budget management and forecast
•    financial and analytical dashboard reporting