SAP Human Capital Management

CST Consulting offers consulting projects to promote change by creating value. Through a team of excellence in Human Capital Management we are able to support strategic decision-making of the lines of business and innovation management, organizational change and career development of Human Capital.
We are a single point of contact for our customers. The deep knowledge of human capital management processes, command of all administrative aspects and security, the development and use of innovative technologies make CST a supplier of excellence. We are certified suppliers in the SAP SuccessFactors. Thanks to a strong expertise in Human Capital Management, CST can support you in the realization of strategic goals:
•    development of a 'culture' of optimal management of Human Resources;
•    development and 'promotion' of each Human Resource's professionalism, in line with the company's brand development;
•    definition of a strategy for the implementation of an effective informative support for Human Resources management.

Nowadays, the market demands HR Functions to play a significant role as strategic & innovation partner within the company, in order to support strategical business decision-making processes and in favor of the management of the Human Capital innovation, organizational change and professional development.

When should you rely on us?
•    if you need your company’s values to be coherent with Human Resources values;
•    if you wish to understand if  the software solutions you are using for Human Resource management processes are the best possible solutions for your Company;
•    if you want to know whether you are paying the right price for Human Resource management processes software solutions;
•    if you require an overview on the software solutions for Human Resource management processes and understand their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your requirements.

We help you identify the real potentialities of Human Capital Management SAP solution and understand how to adapt it to the real requirements and organizational dynamics of your company.

After the implementation of a SAP Human Capital Management solution, you can assess the reorganization of your Human Resource Area and manage your company's Change Management.

In 2015, CST Consulting won SAP Silver Winner Fast Delivery prize, thanks to our ‘Upgrade HR Portal – Implementing new ESS and MSS based scenarios’ project, which we realized for CGT (General Tractor Company).