Maker of business transformation

Cloud Computing was once an emerging trend and is now a part of the standard model of IT services in many businesses.

The “As A Service” model, whether it is implemented for a software, a platform or an infrastructure, has become one of the key players in the Business Transformation. Companies have now understood that using cloud is not just about saving costs – this is a very restrictive way of evaluating the potentialities of the model. Cloud technology works best when it is analyzed in a scalability context; it helps streamline digital and business transformation processes.

Cloud benefits – especially from its active player perspective – are now quite obvious to most of the companies. However, many companies still struggle to adopt this model.

Adopting this model in a functional way is not always easy, because many risks have to be considered and managed. The correct road towards cloud adoption is the one that includes higher benefits and fits in with company’s strategy and goals.

Our consultancy services help companies understand available solutions and, above all, the potentialities of integrating these solutions and thus supporting their business requirements.

We help you develop and manage the adoption of Cloud technology, by migrating existing systems and applications or implementing brand new infrastructures and solutions.

Thanks to a thorough expertise in business processes, we can guide you through the implementation of cloud systems; we have gained long-term experience on virtualization projects, app migration to cloud, installation and deployment of public, hybrid or private cloud solutions.

In addition, we provide additional benefits to your projects, following you in your day-to-day management and monitoring you with our Competence Center, thanks to our personalized formula, suited to your budget needs.

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Platform-as-a-Service provides services and features for developing, expanding and supplying cutting-edge applications: IoT, Big Data and App Mobile, to name a few. It supports multi-provider Cloud environments, it includes an Hub for an easy applications integration process and it provides an already developed and ready-to-use app portfolio.

SAP SuccessFactors

Leading cloud platform in Talent Management. It streamlines company’s procedures and elaborates talent growth strategies. It helps you manage all your key Human Capital Management processes in an organized and efficient way:

  • Performance & Goals
  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Succession
  • Compensation
  • Jam
  • Analytics
CST MyTravel Tool

Helps you manage all key steps of company expense reimbursement and travels management-related process. It helps companies plan, analyze and monitor any travel-related costs, in order to optimize them and streamline their bureaucratic procedures while respecting internal policies. Within the offered cloud service, you can also buy only the section dedicated to company’s expense accounts management.