Content & Process Management

Manage information to achieve business goal

It’s not enough to “manage” content. The ability to access the correct version of a document or record is important, but we need to take it one step further. Content must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals; this sort of approach needs technologies that can manage the entire lifecycle of contents, from beginning to end“. Aiim – Enterprise Content Management Association

By developing a strategy for the management of company contents (Enterprise Content Management), companies can digitize those outdated processes based on hard-copy documents and design a structure and plan for information management. With Enterprise Content Management, you can develop new processes for the optimization of company performance. According to AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) ECM provides the following results: 46% of the organizations that implement a content management strategy gain a good ROI within 12 months and 2/3 of them within 18 months.

These tools help optimize the management of unstructured information, which represent 85% of the growth of new data generated mainly from email, images, videos and audios in various platforms. Thanks to ECM solutions, all the company contents are available for the entire organization and their related information are accessible; this generates added value, improves productivity and transforms contents in a SMARTER context.

Business Process Management

With the terms “Business Process Reengineering” or “BPR”, we refer to a set of organizational and functional consulting services to thoroughly review operational procedures that are no longer suitable for business requirements.

Starting from the company products/services, CST BPR consultants understand the current scenario, compare it with market standards (benchmark, competitors, etc.) and redesign the future scenario in order to optimize quality and reduce time and costs.

Furthermore, thanks to new solutions like Case Management, we can provide a better support for the management of complex process flows related to information, in which the interaction between automated tools and human is essential. Typical cases of claims and paperwork management can now be addressed more effectively, thanks to new Case Management solutions.

Thanks to the use of market leading software and our broad experience in different sectors (Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial Services & Insurance, Utilities, Pharma & Telco) we can drive and support our customers through the creation of cross and business-oriented solutions, in order to improve their working method and integrate BPM functionalities with internal and external Collaboration and Social requirements.


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Product documentation management

CST Product Manager is a web-based solution for the management, monitoring and automation of product documentation development, from the initial design phase to the launch on the market. It guarantees compliance with sector and quality standards and national regulations.

Thanks to Business Process Management, the solution guarantees parallel workloads, traceability and monitoring of operations, and quick and prompt research for product technical documentation.


This application is integrated into SAP and allows an efficient automated management and an in-depth knowledge of the status of the activities related to company budget. The solution manages two macro-types of activities:

  • «Budgeted Job»: approval process of different planned and estimated activities, which are included in the budget of the different Italcementi branches
  • «Not Budgeted Job»: unplanned, brand new activities that can emerge during the year and that were not included in the budget-planning phase
New product development

Management of the new product development process through Business Process Management:

  • Support for the entire lifecycle of new product development
  • Automation of recurring procedures, no human intervention needed
  • Delivery of updated and correct information on the status of new product development process
  • Alert management according to preset parameters (e.g. deadlines, exceptions, etc…)
  • Simulation for the early identification of possible Bottleneck
  • Content and property modification audit • Safety of each individual document
Banking documentation management

This solution manages the documents that the customers send to a bank on a daily basis (request to open an account, request to open a custodial account, investments, request for prepaid credit cards, etc…) Outsourced management of banking documentation in regards to:

  • communications with clients (e.g. bank statements)
  • assessment of credit worthiness
  • banking product data sheets and client subscriptions
  • notices of service (treasury)
  • administrative office management
  • collection notices
  • management of the documents related to the sale of accounts receivable to factors
  • sharing, research and consultation of documents
  • integration of documents among different offices to avoid duplicates
Trader claims

This solution can archive all the materials related to trader, business owner and lawyer – who are involved in a failed debt recovery – and optimize the management of this situation. This solution can be integrated into the bank own data management systems. The use of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) allows clients to outsource the following tasks to CST:

  • collection of paper documentation from the bank
  • hard-copy documents digitization
  • indexing key fields for documents search
  • management of the first level of document processing for the identification of possible issues within the received documents
Claims management

This solution allows the management of claims and complaints filed to IVASS and all the supporting documents; it is based on a proprietary database and a document information system that work as a repository of the documents attached to the paperwork.

Receipts of payment

On line receipt is a solution designed by CST that allows insurance offices to autonomously print their receipts via a web service provided by the insurance company administration.

This solution helps:

  • cut costs related to the sending of receipt documents
  • reduce the time needed for the management of receipts
  • avoid waste related to the non-delivery of receipts
  • control safety during operation management
Business issue logs

This solution helps insurance agents and directors during operations related to the creation, management and closing of business issue logs within car, multi warranty, bonds, IT and health sectors.

Since it is related to a business process, the issue log lifecycle can be effectively managed with Business Process Management tools.

Main benefits:

  • reduction of the time needed to respond to agents
  • reduction of the number of created issues thanks to the use of a shared and updated Knowledge base
  • simplified collaboration between recruiters and internal departments
  • quick identification of bottlenecks
  • LOB performance monitoring with Business Intelligence tools
Enterprise Claims Dashboard

This solution helps insurances control the time needed for loss claim processing. Each loss claim should be managed according to specific procedures and time, as indicated by ISVAP (Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni Private e di Interesse Collettivo – Institute for the Supervision of Insurance); should these procedures and time be disregarded, a fine has to be paid to the Italian government. Thanks to the loss claims dashboard, Enterprise Claims Dashboard, each insurance company can monitor its activities, prioritize operations and, consequently, avoid receiving significant fines from ISVAP.

OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

A new digital approach to invoice processing is Open Text VIM, in which CST is strongly specialized. From the transition from manual invoice processing to streamlined invoice management, it helps process vendor invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently and enhance worker productivity, cash flow, and vendor relations. It optimizes and simplifies the process of receiving, managing, routing and monitoring invoices and related documentation.