Digital Manufacturing

A new production environment

The linear supply chain becomes an ecosystem in which multiple actors interact. In this network, suppliers, producers and retailers have a real-time access to information, in order to improve production and increase business.

The correct use of the information created in the manufacturing phase generates added value for the whole supply chain. The real-time access to information of the whole supply chain and the possibility of cross-checking them with demand analysis and orders and shipping progress reports are crucial.

The integration of operational technology with information technology, and of mobile solutions with advanced analysis provides employees with a wider view on all the operations and a more dynamic, real-time view on their own activities.

At CST Consulting, innovative SAP solutions for the management of Industry 4.0 are already a solid reality; solutions such as SAP Configurator (essential for ETO/ATO-projects), SAP MII for plants data governance and analysis, SAP MES for the management of the manufacturing process and SAP ECTR for project definition and design planning are implemented according to the pertaining SAP Best Practice.

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Areas of application
Smart Manufacturing with SAP S/4 HANA

SAP S/4 HANA makes Smart Manufacturing scenarios a reality. It combines planning, large-scale manufacturing-related services and complex assembly manufacturing solutions in a single user experience that covers production planning and operational business processes.
Manufacturing companies can drastically reduce interruptions of production routing, easily manage work instructions and production orders through the active use of production impact analysis, and have real-time access to the latest design plan and company’s data.

This great innovation helps companies implement successful digital strategies.

CST Innovation Team develops solutions according to SAP Best Practices, which are well-established criteria for the best approach to Industry 4.0 evolution.

Process Automation

Tools for product innovation and for the integration of production data into company’s processes.

New Internet of Things (IoT) solutions use the latest evolutions of Big Data and Analytics and support people, things and business connectivity. By working with SAP, we help our customers transform their Supply Chain; we use cutting-edge technologies to provide a complete view on the multi-level production and give accurate information that – if cross-checked with business data – enable an informed decision process.

Product Lifecyle Management

Strategic approach to information, processes and resources management for a better products and services lifecycle.
PLM means having a complete and dynamic vision on the product, from its concept to the distribution. Over the last few years, the need for integration and fast communication within the area of product development has dramatically increased. This is why PLM evolves into a tool for the organization of project-related activities, which involves internal and external workers – even unspecialized workers. Within this new “enterprise” vision, PLM helps control timing, costs and quality of the development of new products, thus increasing the efficacy and efficiency of project-related activities.