Human Resources

Focus on People

Companies should follow 4 rules in order to reach the goals they set: “having the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, that creates the right development”. From an HR perspective, this means having the right people at the right time, those people who have the competences the company needs and are eager to put them into practice.

This is where the HR directors step in; nowadays, they need simple solutions in order to effortlessly coordinate employee’s abilities and motivations with company’s strategic goals, and to make informed and timely decisions.

While people still remain the focus of HR function, the efficient use of HR-related data and their integration are equally important. Indeed, these data support HR’s task to create competitive advantages for the whole organization.

The deep knowledge of Human Capital Management processes, the command of all administrative and security-related aspects, the development and use of state-of-the-art technologies make CST Consulting a comprehensive provider for all your HCM projects. We work on evaluational and decisional processes side by side with the administration, make the most of your competences and provide methodological support. In keeping with the evolution of the market, we are SAP SuccessFactors and Zucchetti certified suppliers.

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Solutions and Skills
SAP HCM On-Premise

We help you identify the real potentialities of SAP Human Capital Management solution and understand how to adapt it to the real requirements and organizational dynamics of your company.
After the implementation of a SAP Human Capital Management solution, you can assess the reorganization of your Human Resource Area and manage the Change Management of your company.

CST Talent HUB

CST Talent HUB integrates valuable Talent Management SAP SuccessFactors processes with Payroll and Time Management administrative processes, thanks to Zucchetti software.
By integrating these two market-leading solutions, CST Talent Hub has a certified database that is always up to date and uses the utmost Best Practices in the Talent Management area.

Success & Soul Factors

Success & Soul Factor is a methodological approach that combines consultancy, training and technologies; it aims at managing, training and developing company’s human resources.

CST Consulting, in partnership with OOMM Consulting, fosters this new approach in order to support training and consultancy activities with cutting-edge products and services, such as SAP SuccessFactors. The Connection Economy is changing human and management resources assets: this partnership advances this change by creating technologies that support people’s management and motivation.

CST MyTravelTool

CST MyTravelTool is a multichannel application for the management of all key steps of company’s expense reimbursement and travels management-related process. It helps companies plan, analyze and monitor any travel-related costs, in order to optimize them and streamline their bureaucratic procedures while respecting internal policies.
*MTTBox is part of MyTravelTool suite and provides complete and efficient management of company’s expense accounts.

Gamification & Social Collaboration

Thanks to our partnership with OOMM Consulting we have introduced Gamification and Social Collaboration techniques in business processes. This lets us provide benefits to our clients and implement tools that will significantly increase employee’s productivity and involvement.
Gamification shares many similarities with HR Management.
Gaming provides a valuable contribution to the following HR areas:

  • Recruiting and selection
  • Theoretical and on-the-job training
  • Organizational innovation processes
  • Performance evaluation
  • Motivational programs
  • Company climate and brand awareness