Flexibility and Scalability

Within a complex system, driven by constantly evolving business models and technologies, the ability to efficiently manage IT processes and architectures is a key element to ensure company’s flexibility.

Infrastructures, architecture, integration and IT governance processes are gaining an increasingly strategic role. Today more than ever, technology infrastructures and IT processes should provide companies with the necessary flexibility and scalability in order to promptly meet business requirements. However, due to the growing complexity and elaboration of Enterprise applications, governance models and processes must play a key role in guaranteeing the stability of solutions.

CST Consulting matches your business requirements thanks to a complete set of technology for the implementation of business-critical applications and for people, processes and information integration.

In addition, CST has created a dedicated Practice that faces continuous innovations; its mission is to identify and study emerging technologies, develop cutting-edge solutions and apply methodologies and technologies in order to solve those every-day problems that clients report to their consultants.

Architecture & Infrastructure
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Innovative Solutions
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Architecture & Infrastructure
CST Competence Center

With thousands of tickets handled by means of a well-established help desk system, CST Competence Center maintains and manages different environments for several domestic and international customers on heterogeneous platforms and integrates business processes of large companies and corporate groups, which belong to diversified product sectors.
We supply the following services:

  • Remote System Administration (Help Desk and second level support)
  • Development services
  • Transaction Performance Optimization & Continuous improvement
  • Project implementation
  • System upgrade
  • Advanced System, Business Process Monitoring & Reporting
HANA Platform

The evolution of ERP is now called S/4HANA. Combine your next EHP update with the migration to HANA for a more efficient use of time and budget. How can you reduce risks to a minimum and migrate SAP ECC to HANA in a cost-effective way while using the new features to their full potential?
IT companies already include EHP updates and improvement packages in their annual maintenance plans. The migration process can be independently implemented, either as a heterogeneous database migration or combined with an update of the Enhancement package.


We collaborate with main Cloud IaaS, SaaS e PaaS providers to streamline digital and business transformation processes.
Thanks to our experience, we are now specialists in the field. We can help you simplify procurement processes and promptly face the challenges set by the steadily evolving markets, rapidly implement scalable solutions, and guide you in adopting cloud technologies.


In order to be ready to face the challenges of the future, you can rely on our competence and reliability for your business-related technology portfolio. From the very beginning, we provide you with our experience on upgrade, platform migration and transformation. Feasibility analysis, capacity planning, ROI, and acquisition and management costs are the tasks we can undertake straightaway. After agreeing the strategy with the client, CST Consulting’s specialists implement it while meeting contents, time and costs requirements.
Migration to HANA and upgrade to S/4 HANA are only a few examples of what CST Consulting’s experts can help you with.


Infrastructures, systems and applications are increasingly hybrid, and their monitoring and integrity preservation are progressively important.
Our dedicated team of SAP data security experts can develop complete solutions for Governance Risk & Compliance, Identity Management, Single Sign On, encryption (RSA) and SOX conformity.
We make revising and managing SAP solutions licenses easy, we adapt applications to Segregation of Duties control system and encourage control through auditing processes.

Innovative Solutions
User Experience

Within the current human-machine interactions, user experience has become a crucial element for solutions success.
We are aware of the importance of the balance between user interface and application, therefore we offer our clients Design Thinking solutions, which use the most modern technologies and infrastructures to provide users with the possibility of doing their job with the tools of their choice and in the simplest possible way.
We design scalable applications for various devices (smartphone, tablet, PC), various ways of interaction (mouse, keyboard, voice recognition, gesture, etc.) and various purposes.


The Internet of Things is a phenomenon of the so-called fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), of the Smart Building and Smart Cities. Industry 4.0 wants to optimize production through the inter-networking of sensors, machines and factories infused with intelligence. The Internet of Things is mostly expressed through Big Data and Cloud PaaS-based services. By listening to our clients, we design an idea that meets a specific requirement and offer a comprehensive solution, from the definition of its architecture to its implementation and functioning.


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies are major innovations in the transactions field. Blockchain is a shared, public bitcoin wallet in which every user can safely send and receive bitcoins. This innovation opens new roads, which can make business transactions easier, safer and more reliable. In this context, CST provides clients with the competences in this new technology, in order to implement cutting-edge solutions. For example, we can design new solutions that can replace VAN for EDI or PEC for certified email.

Gamification & Social Collaboration

Thanks to our partnership with OOMM Consulting we have introduced Gamification and Social Collaboration techniques in business processes. This lets us provide benefits to our clients and implement tools that will significantly increase employee’s productivity and involvement.
Gamification techniques have also been introduced in the relations with Clients and Providers, in order to strengthen supply chain systems and improve End-to-end process performance.

Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration is the evolution of middleware solutions for processes integration. Systems interfaces evolve and, through PO systems, enter in the context of the processes in which they are involved. Benefits for the company include: a close integration between business procedures and related implementation procedures; a more prompt monitoring, focused on business information rather than technical information; a quicker adaptation of integration systems to variable company’s requirements.
Thanks to our twenty-year experience in systems integration, we build a communication network with reliable and continuously updated data around client’s ERP, together with unique sources of truth within a solid system that can be easily monitored.