Digital Storage and Electronic Invoicing

A digital storage compliant with regulations is the management of the entire process of documents archiving, digital signature and digital storage, in accordance with Italian regulations. Digital storage consists of 4 main stages:

  • Transformation: acquisition and transformation of documents that prepare the documents for the storage process.
  • Improvement: structured data are aligned with unstructured documents to enable effective and quick researches.
  • Conformity control: control procedures, in order to guarantee the lawful document storage within the system.
  • Storage: digital signature, digital fingerprint and, if necessary, time stamp and storage.

CST Dockeeper is an electronic storage suite that manages the whole archiving process, from digital signature to electronic invoicing and full electronic storage of documents, in accordance with Italian regulations.

Furthermore, CST offer a simple and safe Electronic Invoicing service that automates e-invoicing process towards Public Administration or privates through:

  • management and support for the creation of e-invoices and formats
  • automatic and certified digital signature of invoices
  • invoices archived in a document repository
  • invoices sent via the Inter-exchange System (SDI Sogei) or via the PEC to PEC channel
  • check, control and management of automated receipts
  • digital storage of invoices, compliant with regulations

In addition, we offer digital mailing services for the management of company documents through PEC platform.